Special Deals Block

If you imported a demo homepage, you only need to enable the builder and edit it

To change the backgroup of this block, click:

then you can upload a new background for this block

To edit this block, click:

IMPORTANT: you have to set a deal product:

  • Step 1: go to admin CATALOG -> Products and edit a product you want to use as deal but note that you should edit a Simple Product because other products type will not show Sale Label or Discount
  • Step 2: click Advanced Pricing then set Special Price and Special Frice From

Save Config and refresh Magento Cache

To create a new Special Deal block, click Add New Block then select Special Deal

In Product Config:

  1. Set sub title for this block
  2. Name of product that you just set as deal above
  3. Change text under timer
  4. Select template you want to use