1. Create A New Page

Step 1 – Navigate to Pages in your admin sidebar and click Add New option.

Step 2 – Enter a new name for your page, then find the Page Attributes box on right side to set your Parent or Template page

2. Use Elementor To Build Page

Step 1

The very first thing that you need to know is you are in Editing with Elementor mode by clicking on Editing with Elementor located at the top of the page, don’t forget to login the site so that you have right to edit the page.

– Choose Edit with elementor to edit your page.Then choose button Add new section.

You can import your template by click add template inside button Add new section

Step 2 – Click Drag widget here and select your structure. You can edit section in sidebar

Step 3 – Choose elements to build your page.

Explore more about Elementor here

  1. Find and click on plus sign to start a new section

Note: If you make up your mind, because each section is displayed in order, from the top down, therefore, you want to insert another section between 2 available sections, just hover the closest section, find and click on plus sign

There are some differences between options.

  1. Add a new section next to it, come up with above the current section.
  2. Edit section, clicking on it lead to edition of content for that section.
  3. Duplicate section, useful when this section is repeated inside or outside the page, you just only copy this section and paste to other pages.
  4. Delete the section.
  5. Remove this part from section when hovering it, clicking on the pencil sign.
  6. Duplicate this part in this section.
  7. Edit to change contents.

2. Select section’s structure to determine layout for the content.

There are some options for you to justify the layout such as width, gap, height, position.

3. Header Setup

  1. Logo Image

Go to Cusomize > General > Logo, Favicon and upload your desired logo image.

If the logo in header don’t change or you can’t find logo option in Cusomize > General > Logo, Favicon, you should go to Page Options > Header > in Edit page.Then upload your desired logo image for each page.

You can see other options for header in Cusomize > Header set header you use.

And Option header for each page in Page Option > Header

2. Menu setup

If you haven’t setup your menu, you should see Menu > Setup Menu for detail guide.

4. Footer Setup

  1. Setup

You can change logo, copyright, show payment, style of footer … in Cusomize > Footer >.

And ChangeOption footer for each page in Page Option > Footer

2. Change Content

Go to Appeareance > Widget, you can find footer sidebar for each footer.

5. How To Change Page Title

Step 1 – Go to Pages > All Pages. Then point at the page you want to edit. You will see the Quick Edit option.

Step 2 – Edit the title as you want. Delete the current slug. Then select Update. It will automatically generate new slug for your page.

6. Create Page: Home 1

Adding contents for almost all pages is built thanks to Elementor, so you have to make sure that you have something in mind in create a new section in Elementor. Works done after that is just using shortcode, simply hold and drag into a section you have created. More details in Shortcode section

Home 1 requires you to ultilize some basic shortcodes

  1. APR Resolution Slider to produce a fanstatic slider.

2. APR Woo Categories : Type 1

3. APR Heading : Type 1 center

4. APR Advanced Tab

5. APR Banner

6. APR Product: Grid Slider

7. How To Change Color Your Page

  • Case 1: You choose Edit Page > Skin in Page Option . Then Select color in Primary Color


Case 2: You want your page show color gradient. You choose Edit Page > Skin in Page Option. Please select color in Primary color & Secondary color


Case 3: In a page, the color of the text, the button changes according to the color of the slider banner

How to: You can change color in customize: General > Slide color

Note: Select the slider that is being used in your site > choose Slider Settings. Please note that the id of the slide must match the id in the javascript segment below