Go to Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Theme settings -> Cart

Within Cart, you can config:

  • Show note
  • Show shipping
  • Show coupon
  • Config display: Action when an item is added to the cart as :

– Show sidebar

– Go to Cart page

– No action

– Stay con the current page

  • Config Gift Wrap: Show Gift Wrap, select Collection gift wrap …
  • Free Shipping Settings:

Active: Free shipping will be applied when the cart total is greater than or equal to the amount specified below.

Amount: The amount of the order that must be reached before free shipping is applied.

Discount code: You need to create a free shipping discount code in Discounts/Create Discount.

Text after free shipping: Text displayed when orders are not eligible for free shipping promotion.

Congratulations text: Text display congratulations when orders are eligible to receive free shipping promotions.

Active: Use congratulations effect.

To config detail, please click to Cart:

At here, you can config Cart item in Cart.