General Settings

Go to Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Theme settings -> General settings

Within General, you can config :

  • Container Width: Sets the default width of the content area (Default: 1320px)
  • Background image: set background for your website.
  • Show back to top:
  • Show navbar bottom mobile
  • Enable right to left: Switch website view “right to left”.
  • Display Someone Purchased: you can choose show or not show Someone Purchase.
  • Show popup login customer: If this option is enable, you can config Login popup style (Dark mode or Light mode).
  • Enable Age Verification Popup: you can edit Tittle, Sub tittle, Button older, Button under, Tittle error and Sub tittle error.
  • Reminder when switch tab
  • Homepage specific settings: if you choose Show sidebar on home page, your home page will look same this: