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Adding contents for almost all pages is built thanks to Elementor, so you have to make sure that you have something in mind in create a new section in Elementor. Works done after that is just using shortcode, simply hold and drag into a section you have created. More details in Shortcode section

Home 1 requires you to ultilize some basic shortcodes

  1. APR Resolution Slider to produce a fanstatic slider.
  2. Image and textSplit the section into 2 columns, the left contains the image, the right is the text and icon list
  3. APR Heading : Type 1 center
  4. APR icon box: icon box type 1
  5. APR Portfolio: Style 1
  6. APR Heading and Button
  7. APR Heading and APR Blog
  8. APR Heading and APR Testimolial
  9. Image