Create New Block

On home page, for any section, you can see the button “Add New Block”:

Click to this button to add new block

Multiple block types can be added

Each block will have different settings, but there are some similar settings: (On General Tab)

  • Block col (12 to full): Set width (%) for blocks on desktop, tablet and mobile screen.
  • Hide: You can set blocks hidden on desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Custom class: Add class for block. You can call classes of bootstrap to set width block on Tablet screen (col-sm-*) and Mobile screen (col-xs-*).
  • Main color: Set main color for blocks.
  • Background: Set background for blocks (background color or background image).
  • Block Animation: Blocks animation effects when page loaded
  • Animation Delay: Delay of animation effects

After configuring & saving block. On this block, you can see group button to edit it.

  • Arrows button: You can drag & drop block to change position. But block can’t be moved out section or section col.
  • Pencil button: Reconfig block.
  • Columns button: Shortcuts to change Block col
  • Trash button: Remove block.