Ajax Cart


We have 2 options to display how to mini cart item show

Mini Cart with right slide side bar.

Mini Cart with small dropdown.

You can easy to switch between 2 types by going to admin MGS -> Theme Setting [MGS Theme] -> Header -> Mini Cart here you can select a type you like


MGS Ajax cart is a very useful extension for your customers can add as many products to cart as possible.

For more reference, click here.

Go to admin Stores -> Configuration -> Mage Solution -> Ajax Cart

Select a store view you are using.

Now you can see some configurations for you cart as follow:

  • Animation Type: Choose among animation effects for your cart
  • Show upsell products: Choose Yes to show the upsell product. Click here for more details
  • Show “View Cart” products: Choose Yes to show the upsell product.

Click Save button to save your config and refresh Magento Cache

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