Text with icon

Go to Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Sections -> Text with icon

Section settings:

  • Common settings, Padding & margin: On each homepage section, we have these settings in order to manage the spacing, container width, background… for section.

Block settings:


  • Content: HTML content.
  • Text alignment: Left, center or right.

Text column with image:

  • Custom icon: You can find this icon you want. You can choose Lusion icon or Font Awesome.
  • Icon: If you can’t choose comfortable icon for you menu. You can choose our icon in select box..
  • Icon position: Left, right, above or below content.
  • Icon alignment: Left, center or right self-align.
  • Tilte & font size: Title & choosen font size of title.
  • HTML content: Content show on this column.
  • Content alignment: Alignment of content.
  • Columns: Define the width of this column by X columns / 12 columns total.
  • Layout: Layout defaultLayout 1Layout 2