Collection page

Go to Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Theme settings -> Collection Page

Within Collection page, you can config default settings for all type of collection layout:

If you want to setup collection filter & settings for specific layout, please check Collection page


  • Default page layout: We have 3 types of layout: 1 column (default)2 columns left & 2 columns right.With Lusion you can use 3 types of layout at the same time for collection page. It means we can have collection A using 1 column, collection B using 2 columns left & collection C using 2 columns right at the same time.
  • View mode: Default view mode: GridListGrid(default)/List & List(default)/Grid.
  • List mode: We have 2 types of list.List 1: 1 item per row.

List 2: 2 items per row.

Pagination type:

  • Pagination number
  • Load more button


  • Category description position: Above or below the products.
  • Display description image: This setting is show/hide the static image and show in all of collections.
  • Settings of static banner: You can config the background image, HTML content, button link, color of content.


  • Settings on Page width: Settings width of container for each layout.
  • Settings on Number of products & rows per page: Number of product per page will be calculated by Number of product per row * Number of row per page.
    If you choose View mode: List 1, it will automatically show 1 product per rowView mode: List 2, it will automatically show 2 product per row.
  • Settings on Product badge: Setup layout, text, color for product badge that show on product in homepage & collection page, product page.

  • Settings on Product elements: Show or hide review, buttons on product in homepage & collection page.
  • Layout 1 column

Layout 2 columns