Video with custom content

Go to Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Sections -> GPS Video with custom content

Section settings:

  • Heading: Define heading title of section.
  • Content: Define sub title of section.
  • Settings for Video: Accepts Youtube and Vimeo link.
  • Settings for Color: Define color of text, icon and background of section.
  • Common settings, Padding & margin: On each homepage section, we have these settings in order to manage the spacing, container width… for section.

Block Custom text settings:

  • Sub text: Sub title.
  • Content: Define HTML content.
  • Settings for Color: Color of text & heading.
  • We support some class to make it like our demo:
    • To make a square before text, you need to add some class for it:heading-before: Add this class to HTML span tag to has a square before text.
    • btn: Add this class to HTML a tag to make it same as a primary button instead of underline.
    • btn-2: Add this class to HTML a tag to make it same as a secondary button instead of underline.